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Best Third Trimester Maternity Leggings

So you’ve made it to the third trimester. Congratulations! Your main goal now is to stay healthy and comfortable until your little one decides to make an entrance. Comfortable and third trimester aren’t typically words that go along together but I’ve found some leggings that may help change your mind.

The most uncomfortable thing about pants for me in the third trimester is when there’s any type of pressure under my baby bump. It gets extremely uncomfortable when I’m sitting up at my desk or in a car because it feels like the waistband is cutting into my belly and baby. The easiest solution here is to ditch the pants and just wear skirts and dresses for the last 12 weeks but it’s not exactly practical, especially if you’re chasing around a toddler like I am.

I’ve found a pair of leggings (with two variations) from Motherhood Maternity that bother me the least and dare I say… comfortable! These leggings are the Secret Fit Belly Maternity Leggings.


Although it’s not clear on their website (since both items have very similar names), there are two variations of the leggings. The style and cut are the same but the fabric composition is different. One is made with primarily cotton with a little bit of spandex and the other is much stretchier with a higher spandex percentage.

Which Leggings Should I Get?

I have a pair of each legging and they both have their pros and cons. The one you choose really depends more on how you prefer your leggings to fit your body. Both have the same over the bump panel that is super stretchy and does not constrict or add any unwanted pressure on your bump. They’re available in black, grey, and navy.

The Secret Fit Maternity Leggings with 95% cotton/5% spandex are a little more snug on your body and have less give. I feel like they’re more like thin pants with some stretch rather than a true legging. I noticed that towards the end of the day or after a second wear, the knee area doesn’t bounce back as well and they have a slightly saggy look.

The Secret Fit Belly Stretch Maternity Leggings with 87% cotton/13% spandex feel more like your typical legging as far as stretch and forgiveness. Unfortunately, they also are a bit more see through compared to the higher cotton legging. These are more appropriate if you’re wearing a tunic or long sweater as part of your outfit.

These leggings, mixed in with a few maxi dresses when the weather allows, are what I’m wearing for the remainder of my pregnancy. 33 weeks and counting!

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